Observatory and Astronomic SPA

Premises: 2 meters platform for astronomic observation, CelestronAdvanced VX of 11" telescope, photos and captures; Hall for lectures, 4 quartz bathtubs with hot water and sea salt for sky seeing; baths for men and women; dressing rooms and parking.

Age limitation ( 14)


5 people minimum; up to 14 people.


  1. Visitor’s reception, self service cafeteria.
  2. 25 minutes astronomic lecture in the hall. Images and video projection.
  3. Guided observations using a CelestronAdvanced VX of 11" telescope. The observations program considers: stellar clusters, nebulas, galaxies, and of course the moon and the planets depending on their presence; and any other thing you might want to see.
  4. Cocktail with local products, access to the quartz bathtubs area and guided sky seeing: constellations, Milky Way, Magellan’s Cloud, etc.

Schedule: daily tour, Monday to Sunday 21:00 to 00:00 hrs.


$22.500 / $ 30.000 per person, includes transport from La Serena o Vicuña in our Minivan (5 people minimum, 8 p. max).

General Conditions:

*The tour is carried out only if the weather conditions make it possible and if there is any reservation for at least 5 people.
*Every reservation must be done with an anticipation of 24 hours and paying 100% of the service.
*The reservation can be cancelled 48 hours before the tour realization; otherwise the money will not be refunded.
*If Refugio El Molle cancels the tour, 100% of the money will be refunded.
*There is a refund in case Refugio El Molle cancels the tour.  
*Hot tubs are not recommended in case of cardiac problems, hypertension, pregnancy, varicose veins, and recent surgical interventions.

Contact information: 
Address: Balmaceda S/N. El Molle. Vicuña
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: http://www.refugioelmolle.cl/observatorio
Phone:  56 9 78094070 o  56 9 84177613




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